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Thirty Days of Kink, Day 5

Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience?  If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

To be honest, I’ve really led a vanilla life for the majority of my years. The most adventurous thing I ever did when I was younger was fucking my high-school girlfriend in the middle of the junior high school field out behind her house, in broad daylight - but that was simply because I was so horny, I probably would have agreed to fuck her on the hood of the police chief’s car if she’d agreed to show me her pussy.

As far as kink is concerned, I’m not including things like blowjobs, anal, risque sex or things like infidelity, as whereas they might be considered naughty, they’re certainly not kinky - unless you’re getting a blow-job while driving a city bus through downtown during rush-hour.  

I’ve had many fantasies and desires that I wanted to explore - scenes of domination and possession, heavy control and the like. I’ve been a fantasy role-player since I was a young teenager and I’ve spent countless hours exploring my imagination that way, and when I got older I began delving into the world of online adult role-playing. It could be argued that I’ve already experienced many things in that arena, but I would say personally that even if you’re fantasizing about something with someone who has actually been in that scene, there is no true way that you can reproduce the sensations gained by actually being there and immersed in it.

Thinking hard upon it, I would have to say that the first really kinky thing I did involved my lovely, and our first meeting ever.  We had a week of vacation where she came up to visit me, and about halfway through the vacation we drove out to the ocean and along the highway to where we’d rented a hotel for the remaining three days of her stay.

Along the way, we stopped by a sex shop, and I had her pick out a bullet vibrator. Later, as we got onto the road, I had her load it with batteries, and then I took it up and started to play. By the time we got to the hotel, I’d undone her jeans and that toy was tucked nice and deep inside her pussy. The controller I tucked into the waistband of her jeans, so that for the rest of that night, wherever we went - to the lobby counter, to the restaurant to have dinner, walking along the beach - I could reach over and tweak the control, and set the little monster to writhing around inside her.

The next day, on a drive around the bay to a neighboring town, she wore a skirt. On the way back to our hotel later that afternoon, I had her laid out with her head on my thigh, her left foot up on the dashboard and her right foot on the handle of the passenger door while I teased and played and toyed with her completely soaked and naked pussy. We weren’t confronted with any situations where people would have been able to look easily down and see her splayed open for everyone to enjoy, but it certainly could have happened - and she was so fully concentrating on the pleasure of that toy plunging into and out of her wet cunt, I really doubt she would have noticed.

When we finally got back to the hotel, I was so maddeningly horny that I simply pinned her to the bed and flipped her skirt up, taking her hard and deep from behind.  It was intense, hot and passionate as our bodies hammered together in lust-filled need until she finally reached the edge and I erupted inside of her. When we finally came down from our high, we stumbled into the bathroom and poured ourselves into the tub for a deliciously long and hot bath with her curled safely into my arms.

Kinky? Maybe not to the standards of everyone, but it certainly was for me.