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Thirty Days of Kink, day 2

Day 2: List your kinks.

Let’s see…  What is it that really turns me on?  

Having control. Exerting that control. Sexy little panties. Thick, luxurious dark hair running through my fingertips. Showers with my lovely. Hickies in her cleavage. Dressing her up exactly as I want her. Undressing her afterward, stripping each piece off nice and slow until she’s standing before me, trembling with excitement and anticipation. Waking up and slipping my hand between her thighs, pushing my finger gently into her wet little cunt. Hearing her gasp in shock as my teeth close tight around her nipples. Hearing her whisper into my ear that she really, really really deserves a spanking because she’s been having naughty thoughts all day long. Watching her crawl on her hands and knees until she’s stretched over my thighs, waiting for that spanking. Listening to her whimper and beg for me to cum inside her, and hearing the gasp of pleasure from her throat when I do.